Our $75/Week Grocery Budget

Last week I shared our current budget in my post about How We Live on One Small Income. It was, by far, my most popular post to date! As a follow-up, I thought I’d give you all a peek at what grocery shopping looks like when your budget is only $75/week.

Our $75/Week Grocery Budget from My Homemaking Diary

This week I spent $62.15 on groceries. Here’s a a breakdown of what I bought:

  • Bread $3.99
  • Pickles $3.29
  • Milk $3.84
  • Yogurt (4-pack) $3.99
  • Sour Cream $1.69
  • Eggs (1 1/2 dozen) $2.19
  • Fruit punch $0.89
  • American cheese $2.54
  • Deli ham $2.64
  • Frozen veggies $1.09
  • Potato chips (2 bags) $4.00
  • Spaghetti sauce $1.25
  • Ranch dip mix $1.69
  • Frozen grilled chicken breast $6.99
  • Gluten-free cheese ravioli (2 bags) $7.98
  • Strawberries $4.99
  • Salad mix $2.50
  • Grapes $3.65
  • Baby carrots $1.25
  • Cucumber $0.69
  • Bananas $1.01

In addition to the items listed above, I should also have another loaf of bread and package of strawberries, which I’ll pick up tomorrow. Both items were Buy 1 Get 1 Free this week, and I mistakenly thought that if I just purchased one it would be half off. When I got home and checked my receipt I realized this wasn’t the case, so I’ll go back tomorrow and pick up those.

With the groceries above and a couple of items from my pantry, we should plenty of meals to get us through the week (although maybe not a ton of variety as there will be repeat meals). Here’s a look at what we’ll have to choose from…


  • Fruit & yogurt parfaits (including mixed nuts from the pantry)
  • Cereal (left over from last week)
  • Oatmeal (also from the pantry)


  • Ham & cheese sandwiches with a side of chips and a pickle
  • Egg & cheese sandwiches (my current pregnancy craving) with a side of grapes


  • Ravioli with a side of salad (we have plenty of dressings to choose from in the fridge)
  • Grilled chicken breast with a side of mixed veggies
  • Omelets with a side of strawberries


  • Cucumber slices or baby carrots with ranch dip
  • Chocolate peanut butter cups (left over from last week)
  • Potato chips
  • Bananas

The meal plan above is only for five days because we’ll be at a family reunion on Saturday and my mom’s house Sunday. Also, there is enough food to make the ravioli and grilled chicken dinners twice, which is why I only have three dinners listed. Finally, please remember that I am only feeding two adults and a toddler. If I had a larger family, we would definitely need to buy more!

Our $75/Week Grocery Budget from My Homemaking Diary

Thank you so much for reading! I know it might seem a little silly listing all of the groceries I purchased and meals I plan to make this week, but I thought it might be helpful for those wondering how to feed a family on a small budget. If you’d like to see more grocery hauls and meal plans like the one above, please leave a comment and let me know!

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