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St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Treats

Last night I made little treat bags for my husband’s students for St. Patrick’s Day. I think they turned out pretty cute!

St. Patrick's Day Classroom Treats from My Homemaking Diary

Each bag contains mini marshmallows and Skittles, with a couple of Rolos on top. I made little tags that say “You’re the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!” and the marshmallows are supposed to represent clouds, the Skittles are the “rainbow” and the Rolos are little pots of gold.

The treats ended up costing more than I expected (I ended up needing twice as many bags of Skittles than I originally thought) but I still think they ended up being pretty inexpensive. Here’s a breakdown of how much it cost me to make 25:


  • Clear plastic treats bags: Free (I had a bunch left over from a previous project)
  • Green cardstock: Free (from my craft stash)
  • Rolos: $3.33
  • Skittles (4 bags at $2.24 each): $8.96
  • Mini marshmallows: $1.32

Total = $13.61

That comes out to about $0.54 per bag. Not too bad for a cute little homemade treat!